The Beauty Of Traditional African Wedding Dresses


The wedding is the most important day in most people’s lives and the bridal dress is the crown jewel. It won’t be an overstatement to say that African brides take upon this task very seriously. And their dresses are an epitome of elegance and their rich cultural heritage. The big day calls for a big dress. Traditional African wedding dresses have eye-catching colors and delicate embroideries. White pieces are also on the menu. The bride often accessorizes her rich and colorful dress with a matching head-tie or crown, as well as jewelry and matching shoes. Grooms also look spectacular. Their attire often reflects the intricate details of their bride’s wedding dress. African wedding attire is all about tradition and elegance.




Stand out in Color

The bride’s wedding dress is a reflection of the vibrant and rich African heritage. Bold colors like mustard yellow, red, gold, royal blue, orange, royal purple and emerald green are a popular choice. In terms of style, African wedding gowns are very elegant. You will rarely see fluffy or overly revealing African bridal dresses. Instead, curvy silhouettes that hug the figure look very flattering with the rich deep colors. As well as wrap dresses or matching co-ords, such as an A-line skirt with a rounded train and a strapless or asymmetrical top. Mermaid-style silhouettes and two-piece attires with a subtly revealing midriff are also favorites. They look spectacular with the matching head pieces that remind us of the rich African cultural heritage




Patterns are Deeply Symbolic

In terms of patterns, the Kente cloth, often used in African bridal dresses, speaks volumes about their tradition. It’s a type of a silk and cotton blend made with weaving cloth strips. The Kente cloth it’s native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana. Also, the colors are deeply meaningful and symbolic. In addition, black is the symbol of Africa, red represents the blood of forefathers, green symbolizes the forest and yellow is a symbol of the African gold. Talking about wrapping yourself in tradition!

Patterns and intricate designs can be used as a main theme of the dress or can embellish the wedding gown in form of details, usually as a centerpiece or tracing the hemline. The African wedding dresses may have meticulous embroidery in the traditional colors. These detailed patterns are both incorporated in the boldly colored wedding dresses as well as the white bridal gowns.




The Exotics of White

African brides wear white dresses in an exotic way. This is not the same case with the westernized world. All shades of white look mesmerizing on the sculpted African brides. As we said, silhouettes are elegant and flattering, from A-line skirts to princess and mermaid cuts. Also, in most cases, the tops are strapless, heart-shaped or asymmetrical.


Mix and Match to Perfection

Blending in traditions is the perfect choice for a bride who wants a modern wedding look with a strong homage to her heritage. African inspired wedding gowns in modern silhouettes and subtle shades of cream, ebony or powder white, look amazing matched with rich details in strong hues like royal blue, emerald green or gold in intricate patterns. Also, they have details that can be traced along the hemline, or printed on the bodice. And when the groom matches his bride’s look, the result is just magical.


Accessorizing to the Nines

African wedding dresses are bold and mesmerizing in their own merit. However, accessory is what makes them even more unique and unforgettable. Often, they match the bridal dresses with coordinating head tie that has similar pattern and color scheme. In addition, the head tie is called “gele” in Nigeria, “duku” in Malawi and Ghana and “tukwi” in Botswana. Shawls are also a popular choice to match these traditional bridal dresses. Both the traditional and the modern African wedding attires are equally beautiful as the culture that inspires them.