The Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

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Ageing, you just can’t stop it. No matter how hard we try to find the fountain of youth, it’s impossible. Men’s hair gradually gets thinner and thinner as they grow older and that can really take a toll both physically and emotionally. Some people have naturally thick hair, and some have naturally thin hair. It’s all about biology and hereditary genes. At the end of the day, we’ve all just got to work with what we’ve got and make the best of it! Here are some tips on how to achieve the best hairstyles for thin fine hair.


Growing out a Beard Will Enhance your Look

Let’s start off with the best tip you can get when it comes to men’s hairstyles for thin hair. A well-maintained beard will be your best friend from now on. Adding some facial hair to your look will not only visually add more structure to your face, but it will also trick the eye of thinking you have more hair than you actually do. Beards have been around since forever, and with their rising popularity these past couple of years, growing out a beard won’t be such a bad idea. Celebrities have been using this trick forever, now it’s your turn.


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Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

The simplest style is to let your hair grow out just a little bit and add some spikes. Spiked up hair isn’t just for boy band members from 2003 anymore. When done correctly, spikes can make you look younger and give the appearance of fuller hair. The trick is not to use too much gel or hair wax when making your hairstyle. Also, don’t go overboard with your hair length when it comes to this hairstyle. Super long spikes aren’t a thing just yet.

Since we are on the topic of growing out your hair, the next men’s hairstyle for thin hair involves a lot of time and patience. Why not go all out and grow out your hair completely. No, we’re not talking Rapunzel over here, try growing out your hair to your shoulders, or just above them. When your hair is longer it gives off a thicker vibe. Plus, products for thickness and volume will have a better effect, now that you have a little bit more to work with. Yes, long hair can be a chore, but the end results are worth it.

Let’s say that you don’t want to grow out all of your hair. Some of the best haircuts for thin hair men are without adding length to the whole of your head, just the front. The “quiff” has been a popular hairstyle choice for men around the world these past couple of years. This hairstyle requires a quiff and a side parting. Comb over your hair to one side, keeping things appear long on one side of the parting, and short on the other side. Celebrities have been using this trick when they want to conceal a certain bald spot.


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The quiff or as some people like to call this type of hairstyle “The Hipster” is the look where you have shaved, or slightly faded sides, and lots of volume and hair left natural on top. This is one of those male hairstyles for thin hair that have proven to be the most popular amongst guys. Don’t let the name fool you, this hairstyle can be pulled off by men of any age.


Wear it with Confidence

The combover with a slight side fade is one of the chicest thin hair hairstyles out there. Slicked back hair in general is considered to be the most posh and expensive looking. So, this hairstyle can be simple and slicked back without adding a fade at the temples.
But, for those of you who are feeling a bit more daring, why not try the fade? It’s the newest trend that has been sweeping the nation and is one of the best answers to the question “How to make thin hair thicker?”. If you want some thick hair realness, just grow a beard that will match this hairstyle, how awesome would that look?

The best haircuts for men with thin hair are achieved with one thing – confidence. Don’t feel insecure about your hair condition. In fact, embrace it! There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have the right attitude and look confident, people won’t notice whether your hair is thick or thin. It’s about finding the right hairstyle that will fit both your face shape and your personality. If you don’t feel comfortable with long hair, but people tell you that your hair looks thicker like this, ask yourself – Is it worth it?


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