The Best Platform Games For PC


First off, what are platform games? Platform games are a form of games that can be played on your phone, a PC, an Xbox, a PlayStation or any kind of gaming device in which the player can control the character, and can jump or climb on different platforms that are shown on the screen. Starting from Mario to Club Penguin, Sonic the Hedgehog and other OG games, platform games have become the epitome of gaming. These fun platform games are a big part of every childhood and are an excuse for young boys to get together and hang out. But, as time goes by, much better platform games for PC are developed. And there are so many out there, it’s hard to keep up.





Let’s start off with Limbo. A fun but very creepy and gloomy looking game from 2010. This platform game design is definitely not your typical bright colored adventure. Your character is a nameless boy that wakes up in the “limbus” (where the name comes from), which basically means the edge of hell, and is searching for his missing sister. He comes in contact with some people who are either dead, run away from him or attack him. This game is a typical two-dimensional platform puzzle game, in which you can run left or right, climb, jump, push and pull things that might come in your way.


Ori and the Blind Forest

Up next on our list of top platform games is Ori And The Blind Forest. In this game you take control of Ori who is a white guardian spirit. Ori pairs up with a spirit with the name of Sein, who is the “eyes” of the Forest’s Spirit Tree. The aim is to solve puzzles and move through different platforms, so that you can progress. Ori And The Blind Forest also has a system called “soul links”. With this, different players can save at will and can strengthen Ori’s abilities.





Next, we have the best platform game for 2013, Guacamelee! Published by DrinkBox Studios, this game takes inspiration from the Mexican culture, resulting in one of the most fun platform games. In the game, you are a luchador named Juan who is on a quest to find El Presidente’s daughter. Juan has to fight different enemies, collect coins and break “Choozo statues” that give him new abilities.


Mark of the Ninja

One of the best action platform games for PC is Mark of the Ninja. This game follows the story of a ninja, set in the modern day filled with different technology, and shows the conflict between that and the tradition of the ninja calling. The aim is to stay out of sight during the game, so that the guards don’t catch you, and to perform silent assassinations. With a “one-hit” ability to kill the opponent, it’s not that difficult to stay hidden. The game ending might be a plot twist to some, so definitely check this game out.





Up next on the list of best pc platform games is Fez, a two-dimensional platform puzzle game that is set in a three-dimensional world. Your character is Gomez, he lives on a 2D plane and peacefully minds his own business. But then, he witnesses the reveal of a third dimension and is given a red fez. Here the game might appear to glitch, reset and reboot. This means that the player can now rotate between 2D views of the 3D world. The rotation reveals new paths through different levels and can connect platforms that otherwise you can’t access. This is the bases of Fez’s puzzles.


Rayman Legends

When it comes to 2 player platform games (or more) you need to try Rayman Legends. This game is the sequel to the 2011 Rayman Origins game. The critics are very fond of this game, saying that it might be the best platform game ever made! The aim of the characters is to collect lums by either touching them, defeating an enemy or freeing captured Teensies. Oh yeah, that is also the main plot line, to free the little creatures called Teensies.




Dust: An Elysian Tail

A game that takes place in Falana, a fictional world in which anthropomorphic animals live. Your character is Dust, who can’t remember his past. His main weapon is his sword, and with it he can defeat enemies. The interesting quests make this game even more addicting.


Child of Light

Up next is Child of Light, a role playing platform game developed and published by Ubisoft. The main character is called Aurora and she is a child that was stolen from her home. Her quest is to bring back the sun, the moon and the stars that are held captive by the Queen of the Night, if she wants to return to her home. The battles in this game have similar systems with the battle systems that can be found in games such as Final Fantasy.


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

This game is the successor to the Commodore 64. The Great Giana Sisters, and the sequel to the Giana Sisters DS. The aim is for Giana to find her sister Maria, while battling her enemies with her two personas that she can switch from. One persona is “cute” and can glide and twirl through the air, avoiding enemies and traveling great distances. Meanwhile “punk” Giana can battle enemies and can bounce off of them to reach new locations in order to complete quests.


Trine 2

And the last game is Trine 2, a platform puzzle game developed by Frozenbyte. This is a three player game and it follows the characters of a thief, a wizard and a knight, who all have to cooperate. Each character has different abilities that can help them out in different situations. Also, if one of the characters dies, he must start over from the previous checkpoint. This is a very fun multiplayer game that is a crowd favorite.