The Importance of Exercises That Increase the Testosterone Level


Exercises that Increase the Testosterone Level in Men

We share with you 6 exercises that increase the testosterone level in men.

  • Sprint – You can boost the testosterone levels by sprinting. A study has proved that people who have performed several short and intense sprints, on a regular basis, have increased their testosterone level. You can do the sprints on an elliptical trainer or on a bicycle. When you do your workout, try to include 5-10 sprints that don’t last longer than 15 seconds. Relax after each sprint. Do this 2-3 times a week.
  • Lifting heavy stuff will significantly boost the testosterone in your body. However, if you want to get amazing testosterone boosting results, you should do 2-3 full body weightlifting workouts per week. If you are new at weight lift training, do these exercises on machines, until you are strong enough to do the more advanced versions.




  • Do forced reps – Do the weight lifting workouts for as many reps as you can. Also, have a partner to assist you with completing a few additional repetitions. Having a partner to help you out with this exercise generates more testosterone than doing more reps by yourself. Do 5-6 repetitions on your own and with the help of your partner make 3-4 additional reps. Repeat this 2-6 sets.
  • Use your legs – Lower body exercises boost the testosterone more than upper body exercises. So, include more exercises such as lunges, squats and burpees.
  • Avoid chronic cardio – A recent study has found that cyclists have a significantly lower testosterone than other people who work out or don’t work out at all. A few researchers have found that low testosterone gives cyclist a competitive advantage. The extra testosterone muscle will only slow them down.
  • Use long rest periods – Longer period of rests are very important in increasing the testosterone levels. If your goal is to boost the testosterone then you should maximize the time at the gym and take longer rest periods. Also, you can spend more time stretching or any other exercises that don’t stress the muscles.


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Kegel Exercises that Increase the Testosterone Level

The first and easiest kegel exercise is to squeeze and hold the PC muscles for a short amount of time. If you are a total beginner at this, try to perform 30 contractions in 3 intervals. Once you have mastered the indicial exercise, you can perform them everywhere.  You can do them while you are at work, while you are talking on your phone or even while you are relaxing.

Now it’s time to take things to a more advanced level. Squeeze the PC muscles and hold them for 10 seconds. Relax the next 5 seconds and repeat these steps several times.

For the following kegel exercise, you will need a light towel or a silky cloth. So, when you get an erection put the material on your penis and try to lift it while contracting your PC muscles. As you get the hang of it, try to do more repetitions and move up to heavier cloths. If you are able to lift a beach towel, your penis is in a great condition and is extremely healthy. Now is the time to show it off!

Do these exercises on a regular basis and you’ll have a full control on untimely ejaculations and enjoy longer orgasms.


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Nutrition that Increase the Testosterone Level

If you suffer from low T levels, then you will need to pay a lot of attention and focus on proper nutrition. Here are some simple nutrition habits that will naturally increase your testosterone production.

  • Consume foods that are rich in selenium
    Selenium plays an important role in the production of testosterone. Also, it is essential for male fertility. Foods that are rich in selenium are shellfish, crabs, liver and Brazil nuts.
  • Consume foods that are rich in zinc
    The zinc blocks the estrogen receptor sites. So, in order to optimize the ratio of testosterone to estrogen and zinc and make sure that the testosterone isn’t converted to estrogen. Foods that are rich in zinc are mussels, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, spinach, cashews, oysters, beef, lamb, shellfish, crab, clams and lobster.
  • Consume more cruciferous vegetables
    It is important to keep the estrogen and testosterone in balance. And the cruciferous vegetables will help you achieve that. Eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, watercress, kale, radishes and Brussels sprouts.
  • Consume foods that are rich in Omega-3
    When you are under stress there are times when your body can’t keep up with the production of the hormone cortisol. In those times your body will turn all of its power in producing the stress hormone cortisol and will sacrifice the production of other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 are flax seeds, salmon, chia seeds, walnuts, caviar, smoked salmon, mackerel, oysters, soybeans and spinach.




  • Reduce alcohol consumption
    It’s not that you should never drink alcohol again, however you should limit the amount of intake. When you do go out and want to have a few drinks, limit yourself to 2-3 drinks for the night. And don’t drink more then 1-2 times a week.
  • Avoid low-fat and low-carb diets
    Going on a low-carb and low-fat diet, for a longer period of time, can decrease the testosterone levels. That is why, it is important to include more cholesterol and fats in your diets, such as avocado, coconut milk, salmon, olive oil and full fat dairy.
  • Optimize vitamin D3 levels
    Including more vitamin D3 can increase the level of testosterone. A study has shown that men with low testosterone level are also deficient in vitamin D3. However, be careful not to confuse vitamin D3 with vitamin D2, because they don’t provide the body with the same benefits.


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