The Most Expensive Shoes In The World


When it comes to shoes, some people go crazy. These are not those shoes that you wear on an interview, or on a date. However, they represent a specific ideology, even if there isn’t one. You can tell immediately, if someone has an obsession with shoes. And it’s understandable. People love to experiment with different colors, models. Also, they want to open up to new experiences, wear designer brands, have fun on social events. In addition, some people like to spend million dollars on things, that they will never use. What is there to tell about people who like to wear the most expensive designer shoes?


worlds most expensive shoes


Clearly, people wear footwear that reflects their mood, social status, and so on. High heels, flat-heels, pointy-toe, round-toe footwear are invented for different occasions and they make a personality statement. And sometimes this shoe obsession can go really far.


Most Expensive Shoes

Why do we collect things? Or in this case, shoes? On one hand we have the good taste and wealth, and silliness and boredom on the other. Some say, that collecting shoes is a way of expressing loyalty to fashion and history. While others claim that it’s just a passion. It doesn’t mean that the most expensive shoes have to be made from an exquisite material, like gold, or diamonds. Sometimes, they have a certain sentimental or historical value (the reason for auctions), that leaves a mark on people and time.

Wealthy people respect rarity. The possession of rare things makes them feel proud and accomplished. Collecting shoes can be a hobby, or a fanatical devotion. The question that comes to mind is: does someone wear these shoes? It’s not even strange if the answer is no. Some of the most expensive shoes are a rarity. Also, they are kept inside a sealed glass box. Who owns these shoes and how much do they cost?


most expensive designer shoes


Harry Winston’s Ruby Shoes

The most expensive shoes ever made are the House of Harry Winston’s Ruby Shoes, inspired by the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Robert Winston, the son of the famous jewelry designer Harry Winston, made his own commemoration to the fiftieth anniversary of this classic movie by recreating the hallowed “Ruby Slippers”. This incredible pair of shoes is valued of no less than three million dollars, which makes them the most expensive shoes in the world. In addition, the unique pair is made of fifty carats of diamonds and four thousand and six hundred rubies. How many people do you think will pay this sum for a single pair of shoes?

The original Ruby slippers, from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”  are put up for auction. There are three pairs, one auctioned to a private bidder at Christie’s for an enormous sum of $612,000. The second pair ended up on a Hollywood auction, which failed, with a starting bid of two million dollars. While the third one is currently at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of History in Washington D.C.


most expensive shoe


Also, there are many other designer shoes that have been auctioned to private bidders and kept in private circles. Some of them are really valuable, while others are somewhat silly and a total waste of money. Only those who bought them know if that is true or not.


The Need to Collect Objects

People have different tastes and passions and enjoy  various things. The desire to collect have become an essential part of human’s lifestyle. It’s interesting how people find satisfaction in possessing material things. Throughout the years, psychologists discuss the reasons for this kind of behavior. Most of them see the collecting of things, as an extension of human’s identity, saying that it’s in our nature to develop abilities for accumulating resources. No doubt that we’ve inherited that talent from our ancestors. They’re significant to our world and history.

People who buy the most expensive shoes show the opposite. An excessive use of resources, which shows a certain state of power, something that the great kings have possessed in the past. One thing that hasn’t changed is the influence and dominance by individuals. Throughout time, fashion evolved,  and showed people a different form of value. As a result, people will always have the need to own many things, even the most expensive shoes in the world.