The Ultimate Swimsuit Guide for All Body Types – Flaunt Your Figure

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Make every head turn, when you walk by in your swimsuit that accentuates your figure. It can be really frustrating to shop for the perfect swimsuit for your body. That is why, we have decided to make your life much easier. Follow this guide that will make the swimwear shopping experience much more interesting and fun.


Swimsuit Guide – The Pear Shape

Women with pear shape figure are smaller on top and have curvier thighs and hips. If you have a pear shape figure, it is best that you find a swimsuit that will balance your proportions. So, opt for a piece that shows off your top and covers your bottom. Also, look for a swimwear that will accentuate the neckline and cleavage. It is best to avoid a swimsuit that has extra fabric on the bottom, because you want to make the top more eye-catching.


Our Suggestions:

  • Buy a strappy one-piece swimsuit in a bright color, which has a deep V-neck cut.
  • Get a two-piece swimsuit in bold colors. Opt for swimsuit which top has a floral print or any other cool standout print or pattern.
  • If your heart is in a two-piece swimsuit, another choice is to get a lace-up top.
  • Our last suggestion is to get the classic black bikini.


Swimsuit Guide – Large Bust

If you are larger at the bust area, the most important thing is to find a swimwear that will provide you with support.  So, choose a swimsuit that has molded cups or underwire. By choosing this type of suit you will get the support you need and your girls will stay in one place. Remember that if the strap is thicker, you will get more support. Another tip to keep the girls in their place is to get a swimsuit with higher back.


Our Suggestions:

  • Get a one-piece swimwear that has side cutouts.
  • The halter-top, offers the needed support for the girls.
  • Buy a strapless swimwear, but only if it has molded cups or a supportive underwire.
  • The lace-up swimsuit is a fashionable choice for women with large bust.
  • Opt for an asymmetrical neckline for a sexier look.


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Swimsuit Guide – Small Bust

Women that wear an A or B cup have a smaller bust. The good thing is that you can wear all types of swimwear and don’t need to get a swimsuit with any kind of support. However, if you want to attract more attention to your girls, get a swimsuit that has minimal coverage. You can also buy a swimwear that has a lot of details, patterns and bright colors. A great tip is to buy a triangle top, because it creates an illusion of curves. If you want to get an illusion of bigger bust, get a padded push up top or a halter top. Another tip, if you want to create the illusion of bigger breasts, is to get a top with ruffles.


Our Suggestions:

  • Flaunt what you’ve got in a swimsuit with a minimalist style.
  • As we said before, you can never go wrong with the classic triangle top.
  • If you want to spend a carefree day at the beach, get a cool smocked bandeau.
  • Buy a one-piece swimsuit, which has a deep V-neck cut.
  • Another suggestion, if you opt for a two-piece swimsuit is to get a crochet top.
  • Get an inspiration from the lingerie, if you want a sexier look.
  • Style up your bust with a swimwear that has scalloped edges.


Swimsuit Guide – Athletic Figure

Women that don’t have curves and are more straight up have the athletic figure. So, opt for a swimsuit that doesn’t have much coverage. This way, you will create the illusion of a much curvier figure. A great tips is to buy swimsuit with ruffles, bold prints and patterns. Also, remember that if you get a swimsuit bottom in a smaller size, your hips and butt will look curvier and fuller.


Our Suggestions:

  • If you want to create an illusion of sexy curves, get a swimsuit that has ties at the sides and frills at the top.
  • Play up your curves with a skimpier cut.
  • Define the bust and waist with lace-up details and classic stripes.
  • Play up the hips and chest with a classic mini bikini.


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Swimsuit Guide – Apple Figure

Women that carry most of their weight in the middle have an apple shape figure. So, if you want to slim or to cover up your tummy area, there are a number of ways to do this. You can either try two-piece or one piece swimsuits, depending on the situation. So, if you have more weight at your tummy, get a high-waisted swimsuit.


Our Suggestions:

  • If you want to flaunt your assets, it is best to get a strapless top. That way you will cover up everything that you don’t like about your body.
  • A subtle and one-shoulder swimsuit can enhance your overall summer look.
  • Buy a swimsuit with an A-line silhouette. It will help you conceal everything you want to stay hidden.


Swimsuit Guide – Curvy Figure

If you are one of those women that have a curvy figure, what you really need is to accentuate your curves and at the same time you need to provide coverage and support. The best swimsuit for you is the one that accentuates that beautiful line from your neck to the collarbone. Also, get a swimsuit that draws the eye to your neckline. The best way to do this is to get a retro suit.


Our Suggestions:

  • Get a swimsuit that has cutouts in the places you want to highlight.
  • The best swimsuit that highlights the women’s curves is the high-waisted swimsuit.
  • If you want a suit that flatters your curves, it is best that you get one with horizontal stripes.


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Swimsuit Guide – Useful Advice When You are out Shopping

  • When you are out shopping, try as many different swimsuit types, as you can find. The swimsuit fashion changes a lot every year, so you might find a type that flatters your figure.
  • Remember that swimsuit tend to expand, when they are wet. So, if you can’t decide which size to buy, pick the smaller one.
  • The adjustable straps and the ties can be a true ally, when you are choosing the proper swimwear. When you try them on, make sure that everything stays in its place.
  • Don’t buy a suit, just because the style is trendy at the moment.
  • Don’t buy a swimwear, without trying it on first.
  • Before you go shopping for a swimsuit, it is best to set a budget.
  • Remember that many of the stores, require their customers to wear underwear when trying on swimsuit. So, it is advisable to wear a thong, so you can get a clear view of what you are buying.


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  • Even if the stores don’t require you to wear underwear, it is best that you do, because you never know how many women have tried it on before you.
  • The most important thing is that you like the swimwear. So, always go with your gut and get what you like.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with something that you don’t usually wear. So, be open to try out new silhouettes. You never know what can happen.
  •  When you are out shopping, always bring a friend that is honest with you. They will lead you in the right direction and will tell you if a swimsuit is just not right for you.
  • Try on different colors and make sure that you don’t have swimwear only in one color or shade.


The Ultimate Swimsuit Tips

  • Extra fabric will only highlight the things you want to stay hidden.
  • If you want to wear a white swimsuit, make sure it has a thick nude lining.
  • Colors that will make you look slimmer are dark green, brown, plum, navy and black. Body prints and diagonal stripes will also do the trick.
  • If you want your swimsuit to last for several seasons, then hand wash it in a cool water. Do this every time after you wear it. Even if you didn’t go for a swim, the swimsuit is covered in sweat, sunscreen and body oils.
  • Dry it away from direct sunlight.
  • Every swimsuit needs 24 hours to rest, so that it doesn’t stretch out. That is why it is important not to wear the same swimsuit two days in a row.


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Fun Facts about the Swimsuits

  • The most expensive bikini in the world costs $30 million dollars.
  • In Melbourne, thongs are illegal.
  • In Brazil, the thong has the name “fio dental”, which translates to dental floss.
  • Barbie’s first outfit was a black & white swimwear.
  • 70% of the world’s global swimsuit shipments come from China.
  • The highest selling swimsuit brand in the world is Speedo.
  • The French model Micheline Bernardini wore the first bikini in 1946.
  • The bikini got its name after the explosions in the Bikini island.


How to Accessorize your Swimsuit

Nothing can pull of a look like accessories, so we have a few tips on how to accessorize your beach style.

  • Enhance your summer look with a badass body chain.
  • This tip will help you stay protected from the sun, and at the same time, you will be stylish and cool. A statement hat and sunglasses in all shape and sizes will do the trick. Just combine them carefully.
  • Another tip for choosing the right eyewear is to get sunglasses in a classic shape, but with mirrored or colored lens.
  • If you want to add more coolness to your style, put on an oversized denim shirt.


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