The World’s Most Expensive Underwear    


Ever since Victoria’s Secret made the grand debut of the Fantasy Bra, with a price tag of $1 million, the crème de la crème have been indulging in a competition of who wears the most luxurious lingerie. Expensive underwear has been on the market since the beginning of time. However, over the past 25 years it has become immensely popular. So, what makes a simple undergarment so expensive?




La Perla, Carine Gilson, Jean Yu and Victoria’s Secret are some of the most expensive designer brands. These brands use luxurious materials such as silk and intricate lace. Also, these pieces are encrusted with precious stones and metals. However, a heavy price tag doesn’t ensure quality or comfortableness.


Fantasy Bra

Let’s begin with the bra that started it all – the prominent Fantasy Bra by Victoria’s Secret. The first Fantasy Bra was made in 1996 and started off as a catalog item, until 2001 when it had its debut on the VS Runway. It was worn by Claudia Schiffer and costs $1million, which gave the bra the well deserved name “The million dollar miracle bra”. The bra was encrusted with over 100 carats of diamonds, and other precious stones.




The prices only went up from there. Each year the price tag was + 1 million from the previous year, hitting its peak with the most expensive Fantasy Bra in 2000 when Gisele Bundchen appeared on the VS Runway with a $15 million bra that made everyone’s jaw drop. To this day it holds the title of most expensive bra in the world, it’s even approved by Guinness World Record. The second world’s most expensive bra is also a Fantasy Bra worn by Heidi Klum in 1999 and costs $12.5 million. It’s not a surprise that none of the Fantasy Bras have been actually purchased.


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The Most Expensive Underwear

Let’s look at the whole picture for a moment. We’re talking about both a bra and a panty combination. The most expensive underwear in the world, as in an underwear set, is by the designer Susan Rosen in collaboration with Steinmetz Diamonds. It was worn by American actress Molly Sims in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2006. It is estimated to be around $30 million. Now, this two piece can’t be considered either a swimsuit or lingerie because it is entirely made out of platinum and covered in over 150 carats of diamonds. Talk about crazy, right?




Carine Gilson

As we mentioned earlier, Carine Gilson is one of the most expensive lingerie brands, working only with the best materials such as silk and lace. Carine refers to her brand as “couture lingerie”. It all started whilst she was attending the prestigious Antwerp Fashion School and was fascinated with lace. That is why almost every piece of her fine lingerie has some sort of lace embellishment. Her couture lingerie made from Lyon silk and Chantilly lace retails for around $300 – $600 for bras and panties, and more than $800 for robes. This and the immaculate presentation is what makes Carine Gilson one of the most expensive lingerie brands.


The Most Expensive Bra Brands

Other most expensive bra brands and most expensive lingerie brands are:


Bordelle is a high end luxury brand that is famous for its kinky and sultry style of undergarments. Their trademark lingerie ranges from $500 to $1400.




Agent Provocateur, retailing with $800 bodysuits and $1100 robes, sets the erotic, yet elegant style of lingerie, similar to what VS sets to the mainstream lingerie industry. With this brand it’s all about spending the big bucks.


Guia La Bruna is possibly the youngest luxury lingerie designer. She doesn’t send her designs to other manufacturers, like many other brands do. She feels that everything needs to be regulated by her, from start to finish. This is what makes her underwear sets worth the money, that range from $600 to $850.




We live in times when we are forever answering the question “Quality over quantity, or the other way around?” Expensive underwear is something that the regular person can afford once in a while, like a treat to themselves. And yes, it’s safe to say that expensive lingerie is worth the money. However, do we really need diamond encrusted bras to feel sexy?