Throw an Unforgettable Fourth of July Party

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These fun ideas will help you throw the most authentic Fourth of July party. So, gather all things red, white and blue and get ready for the most unforgettable party ever!


Drinks and Snacks for your Fourth of July Party

These Fourth of July party recipes are so refreshing and you won’t need too much time to prepare them. You will whip them out in few easy steps and everyone at your party will be amazed.


Berries and Coconut Popsicles

Get a few fresh berries and drop them into popsicle molds. Fill the molds with coconut water and put them in a freezer. Serve immediately.


Wine Sparklers

In a large bowl, combine white wine with lemon or lime soda. Add some watermelon stars and blueberries to make it more festive.


Fruit Sticks

Cut the watermelon in form of stars and put in on a wooden skewer. Below the star put several blueberries.


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Berry Cubes

You are going to love these berry cubes, which will add more pop to your Fourth of July party. Place blue and red berries into a few ice trays and fill it with water. Put it in the refrigerator till it freezes.


Patriotic Rice Treats

For this recipe, you will need Rice Krispies and red, blue and white food color. Dip each rice treat in a different color and spice it up with piping and sprinkles. Make them portable with fun and colorful straws.


Fourth of July S’mores

Put the s’mores in red, blue and white festive paper cones. So, it will all be ready when you light the campfire.


Corn on the Cob

A fourth of July party can’t go by without a festive corn on the cob. Prepare them with a small amount of butter. Season them with spices by your choosing and top it off with some grated cheese. Enjoy!


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DIY Decorations for your Fourth of July Party

These patriotic DIY decorations will add more spark to your Fourth of July party. So, gather as many white, blue and red stuff you can find and start decorating!


Red, White and Blue Picnic Coverlet

Make a picnic quilt out of old red, white and blue bandanas for your Fourth of July party at your backyard.


Patriotic Lawn Stars

Get some spray paint in blue, red and white color and paint stars and stripes on your lawn.


USA flag out of Popsicle Sticks

Your kids will love this DIY decoration. You can even entertain them at your party and set up a DIY station for the kids. Make sure you have enough popsicle sticks and red, white and blue crayons.


Fourth of July Pinwheels

Decorate the pinwheels with some stars and stripes and you will have a great patriotic decoration for your Fourth of July party.


Patriotic Mason Jars

If you are having a barbecue party, this decoration will be a huge hit. Paint the mason jars in the patriotic colors and draw some stripes and stars. You can use the jars to put forks and spoons for the guests.


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Games and Activities for a Fourth of July Party

These games and activities will make sure that your guests will have tons of fun at your Fourth of July party!


Cards against Humanity

Bond with your friends with a fun game of Cards against humanity and make your Fourth of July party truly unforgettable. You can even add a more fun twist by making it a drinking game. We guess you already know the rules, so get a deck of cards and have fun. You can even make it more personal by creating your own custom deck. There is no doubt that your friends will love it.


Fourth of July Balloon Pop

Write “You are the Winner!” on a note and put it in one deflated balloon. Make sure that you only get balloons in red, white and blue colors. Blow the balloons and place them around the party area. At the end of your party, your guests should pop the balloons and you should give a prize to the one who finds the note.




Patriotic Costume Party

Invite your friends to a fourth of July costume party and ask them to dress up as their favorite patriots.


Lawn Pong

Take beer pong up a notch by making giant cups and a giant pong. There are many DIY ideas on Pinterest that will help you create the perfect pongs and cups. However, if you don’t have the time to make them, you can always buy them at a store nearby.


Red White and Blue Tag

This game is perfect if you have kids at your party. Give them one token of red, white or blue color. The challenge is to be the first to gather tokens from each color, by tagging the other players.


Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt

Plan a patriotic scavenger hunt and make mini versions of soldiers, flags, Lady Liberty and all other US related things. Give the guests clues to search these objects and watch them have a blast. You can give a prize to the one who will gather the most objects.


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These useful tips will help you throw the most unforgettable Fourth of July party ever. It goes without saying that if you are planning to throw a Fourth of July party, you should make sure that you will end it with a nice show of fireworks. Enjoy this holiday with your friends and family and have an amazing Independence Day!