Top 9 Luxury Ski Resorts in Europe


If you are thinking about spending your holiday vacation at a luxury ski resort in Europe, then you are going to love our 9 choices. The only thing you need to do is to make a reservation and enjoy the winter holidays.


Luxury Ski Resorts in France

The most luxurious ski resort in France is the Courchevel 1850. This ski resort is known as one of the best ski resorts in the world. The location of this luxury ski resort is at the end of the huge Trois Vallées ski area. However, it is a lot different from Val Thorens and Meribel, which are neighbours to Courchevel 1850. This ski resort is famous for its vast 3 valleys ski areas, which are surrounded by beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. The Courchevel 1850 has 165 ski lifts and 117 downhill slopes, which are 93 miles long. Thanks to the 562 snow cannons, these ski tracks are always covered with snow. The best time to visit this ski resort and enjoy the beautiful nature is in March.




Luxury Ski Resorts in Germany

The breathtaking Bavarian Alps in Germany offer an enormous amount of different activities. The Garmisch-Partenkirchen resort is the largest ski resort in this country. The location of this ski resort is on the mountain Zugspitze and offers a chance to ski on a glacier. Michelin starred restaurants offer the tastiest Bavarian food. And the hotels have a luxurious interior and an amazing atmosphere. So, book your next trip at one of these exclusive hotels and enjoy the jaw-dropping nature and luxurious hotels.

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Luxury Ski Resorts in Austria

The most exclusive ski area in Austria is the Arlberg region, which is a part of the St. Anton resort. If you are into extreme skiing, then you are in luck. The refined resort of Lech, which is famous for is extreme ski slopes, is just around the corner. Everything in this luxurious ski resort is first class. From hotels and restaurants to shops and ski slopes. However, hotels sell out quickly, so if you are interested in going, you should make your reservation in time.




Luxury Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Many famous artists, authors and celebrities never miss out on an opportunity to visit the ski resort Gstaad in Switzerland. This ski resort is a total representation of luxury. Designer labels such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier and many more brands have stores in this resort. So, if you are tired of all the skiing, a little luxury shopping may relax you. The Gstaad ski resort has slopes that are 93 miles long. There are a number of luxury hotels, which will definitely take your breath away. However, even with the luxurious hotels and restaurants aside, nature is the best attraction in this resort.




Luxury Ski Resorts in Italy

The best and most luxurious place in Italy is Cortina. This place has set its jet-set image and that is why it is mostly visited by the most famous and affluent Italians. Cortina is the perfect place for a laid-back vacation. If you are done with skiing for the day, you can always visit the most luxurious fashion stores. So, after a day of winter sports, you can have a gourmet lunch at one of the most fabulous restaurants. Then it is time for jewellery and clothes shopping and end the wonderful day with a relaxing dinner at El Toula. Cortina’s ski areas spread across 4 sectors. Two of them are accessed by lift, Faloria and Tofana. The other two Cinque Torri and Lagazuoi are accessed by bus.




Luxury Ski Resorts in Spain

Even though it is less famous than other ski resorts, the Baqueira Beret in Spain is one of the most luxurious ski resorts in Europe. It’s so exclusive that even the King Juan Carlos spends his winter holidays here. The location of this resort is in the Pyrenees and it is rich in terrains, ski slopes and lifts. The town offers a lot of tapas bars, spas, discotheques, gondolas and fancy hotels. So, after you are done with skiing you can go out and party until dawn. This ski resort has 3 zones. The beginners ski in the blue zone and the more advanced in the red ones. And if you are a master at skiing, you can try the black trails.


Luxury Ski Resorts in Slovenia

One of the most amazing natural attractions in Slovenia is the Kranjska Gora Ski Resort. The location of this resort is in the north-western Slovenia, in the Julian Alps. The 18 different slopes provide an amazing experience for beginners and skiers that are more advanced. The cool thing about this ski resort is that it offers luxurious accommodation in igloos.




Luxury Ski Resorts in Bulgaria

In recent years, Bansko has become one of the top ski resorts in Europe. The multimillion euro investment has really given this resort the much-needed boost. Now, Bansko has even more tourists than ever and the number of satisfied guests increases with every ski season. Located at the Pirin Mountain, Bansko offers snowy ski slopes from the middle of December to middle of May. Thanks to the 44 snow cannons, the slopes are always snowy.




Luxury Ski Resorts in Serbia

The most popular and diverse ski resort in Serbia is Kopaonik. This ski resort has more than 200 sunny days during the year. Because of the priceless ecosystem, since 1981 this ski resort is also a national park. The most amazing ski slopes lie between 1650 m and 2017 m above sea level. There are 2 lifts for children and additional 24 other ski lifts for all other tourists.

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