Top Rated House Insurance Companies

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In case of a big disaster, the home insurance will provide you with a safety net. The insurance policies will protect you from all kinds of problems. From liability and theft protection to fires and natural disasters, the insurance policies got your back. The insurance companies cover unexpected living expenses, property damage and payment of damages to other people if they have been hurt on your property. That is why it is extremely important to choose the best insurance company out there. That is why we have gathered the top rated house insurance companies in the USA.


Top Rated House Insurance Companies for Cheap Rates

According to the data that we have collected, the house insurance companies that offer the cheapest rates are State Farm and Progressive. However, there aren’t any house insurance companies that offer low rates for all people. The house insurance companies calculate the premiums depending on each customer individually. And as you assume, each customer is different from the rest. So, before deciding on a house insurance company, you should seek a policy that offers you the best rate. There are a lot of factors that can have a different effect on the cost of the insurance policy and they all depend on the customer.


Top Rated House Insurance Companies According to Their Rating

When you choose the top rated house insurance company it is important to take into consideration the rating from the satisfied customers, the policy offers, claims, interactions, billings, price and the financial strength of the company. Knowing the financial strength of your insurance company will provide you with the information on their financial stability and whether they have the financial resources to pay out the claims that the customers have. So, when it comes to top rated house insurance companies according to their ratings the winners are Erie Insurance and Amica. There are other good choices, such as A.M.Best and Standard & Poor’s, which is a great thing. It allows you to make your choice, even if you base your decision on a trivial detail.


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Top Rated House Insurance Companies that Offer Best Overall Customer Satisfaction

The best house insurance company that offers the best overall customer satisfaction is the Amica Mutual Insurance Company. The satisfied customers recognize this insurance company as best in many categories. Other things that contribute to this “title” are the accuracy and the clarity of the billing and the price of premiums. The Amica Mutual Insurance Company is also recognized for the great interactions with representatives and agents on the phone and on the official website of this company.

Unlike other companies, policyholders own Amica Mutual and not investors or stockholders. They pay a regular sum of money, dividends, to home, auto, umbrella and marine insurance policyholders. The annual cost of the premium is always more than the dividends that are received by the policyholders. According to the company’s website, the dividend is more or less 20% of the annual premium. Let us make things more simple and clear. If a policyholder from Anica Mutual pays $10.000 annual premium, he/she should except an offer from $2.000, which results in a net cost of their policy of $8.000. Even though the dividends are not a sure thing, this company claims that they have been paying them for more than 40 years.

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Top Rated House Insurance Companies, that are Best for Technology

The winner in the category for top rated house insurance company, which is best for technology, is State Farm. A lot of big house insurance companies have their own individual mobile apps for both tablets and smartphones with operating systems for Android and iOS. However, the State Farm house insurance offers their policyholders a suite of well-developed apps. The Pocket Agent, which is a flagship application, allows the policyholders to see their insurance cards, to pay bills, to file or submit claims online and to contact their agents. The customers can also access all other policies that they have with this house insurance company. Also, they can access accounts that they have with State Farm Mutual Fund and State Farm Bank.

However, even though some people like to manage their accounts online through the help of an application, some people are not too comfortable doing this. And if you are one of these people, you should definitely try the State Farm’s Pocket Agent application. It is easy to use, you can easily access it, you can choose the notifications and you can navigate it as well. Another amazing thing about this app is that you can log into it with a Touch ID or a Fingerprint. For the policyholders that spend more time on the road the State Farm house insurance offers other mobile application that can help them have the best experience. Those apps are Steer Clear, Driver Feedback, CarCapture and Drive Safe & Save Mobile.


We should mention some other mobile apps, as well.


The Home Gallery

The Home Gallery application helps the customers create a digital inventory of their personal belongings. This is something that all people should do, in case there is some kind of a disaster. The users can add photos of their personal belongings and add details about the objects, such as price, date when the object was bought and they can even attach digital copies of the receipt

Know Your Stuff

This app offers the customers almost the same features as the Home Gallery. However, you don’t have to have a house insurance to use this app.


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Top Rated House Insurance Companies that have the most Comprehensive Coverage

Again, the winner in this category is the Amica Mutual House Insurance. This company offers its customers many different coverage options that meet their needs. The customers can get the Automatic Dwelling coverage that increases up to 30% the replacement cost limit, when the cost to repair and rebuild the home is bigger than the original limit. Items such as fine art, furs or jewellery are also included in this category.

We should also mention these two house insurance companies that have a comprehensive coverage. Those companies are Chubb and AIG. They are willing to underwrite risks that other house insurance companies won’t even consider. However, both of them have pricier house insurance companies. For example, they offer insurance policies for sports souvenirs, wine collection or high-value art.


Top Rated House Insurance Companies that are Best for the USA Military and their Families

The winner in this category is USAA or the United States Automobile Association. This company covers the members of the U.S. military and their families and offers cheap policies. There are also, a lot of advantages for those people to use this company to insure their home. The policyholders also get coverage for their personal property, their home, loss of use and liability protection. In addition, the USAA house insurance company offers to pay for any damage or loss to the uniforms. No matter if the customer is on active or a reserve duty. Also, they don’t charge them a deductible.

So, before you make your final decision, do your homework. By doing this you will find out which house insurance company offers you the best deal. Consult with several companies take into consideration the rates, ratings, the overall customer satisfaction the comprehensive coverage and the technologies that they offer.