Various Types Of Sew In Hairstyles For All Occasions

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We’ve seen different hair commercials, where models flip their beautiful, fluffy, long hair on screen, and tell people that their hair can look just as shiny. That’s what commercials do, they sell. Not that you can’t have all those thick locks, strong healthy hair and incredibly shiny look. We don’t talk about purchasing a current product or something similar, only that with a little effort your hair can have a professional, healthy look, like you’ve seen on television. Obviously, the hair of those models doesn’t look like that naturally. A whole team of stylists is working on different details and finesses, making sure everything is in order.


Sew in Hairstyles

Have you thought about sew in hairstyles? It’s much easier when a person doesn’t depend 100% on stylists. So why not figure out some things on your own? All you need is a needle or a thread, and few sew in hair techniques to learn. Sew in hairstyles can be worn for months,  they can also be washed, curled or straightened. But, how do we learn how to sew in hairstyles? First, pick the extension you want to sew, human or synthetic hair. Let us help you with your choice.


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Human hair is more popular and obviously more expensive. Take care of the human hair in the same way you take care of your hair. It doesn’t require any particular styling, unless you want to. It can be washed, dried, straightened, curled, dyed or whatever you feel like doing. It’s human hair and it’s easy to keep alive. You better be careful what you’re buying though.

Remember that just because human hair is more expensive and runs a couple of hundreds of dollars extra, it doesn’t mean that it has good quality. We always fall on expensive things, thinking that they give the best guarantee for quality. So, be careful when you buy hair for your sew in hairstyles and consult a professional. Synthetic hair can be an excellent choice for you, if you want to hold on to a current hair style, especially curly sew in hairstyles. It looks good even on a rainy day. What is great about synthetic hair is that it creates more volume than human hair and it’s cheaper. Be careful with hot irons though, they can easily melt and get destroyed.


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Choose the Right Color and Volume

Whatever you decide, remember to choose a color that is closely to your natural hair color. It’s better for you, if you consult your hair stylist and let him/her have your extensions dyed. Of course, only human hair can be dyed. You can choose between shades, or fun colors such as red, blue, purple or pink. Also you need to decide between long or short sew in hairstyles. Other thing you need to know before buying hair extensions is the thickness of your hair. Decide how much volume you would like to add to your normal hair and calculate the difference between the length of your hair and the hair extensions you’re purchasing.

The extensions decide the new fall of the hair, so before you have the extensions in place, figure out which hairstyles you will implement.  The longer the hair extensions, the more hair you will need. This is a recognizable parameter that will help you choose the right length for your hair. If the extensions are similar to your normal hair, 2-4 ounces of hair will be enough. However, if your hair is much shorter, you will need at least 8 ounces of hair.


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How to Sew in Your Hair

Before doing any sewing, you need to comb, wash and condition your hair carefully. Make a territory where you will add your extensions. Divide the hair in two. The dividing point is where you plan to put the hair extensions. Secure that the first part stays up and make sure it is well combed above the part line. After that create a very thin space between the two parts. That means that you leave an invisible “web of hair” for making the cornrow. Secure the part below in a ponytail and make a braid. Then create a cornrow braid where you start with your cute sew in hairstyles. Hair extensions need a lot of normal care. After sewing hair extensions, consult your stylist for any additional tips and tricks for taking a better care of your hair.


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