Virgo Love Compatibility With Each Astrological Sign


Virgo (male) – Aries (female) – Love Compatibility

These two create an unusual love combination. The difference in the way they think and act will cause them psychological distress. Because of this, they won’t see each other’s qualities. The female Aries always takes initiative, says what she thinks and makes passion a priority. On the other hand, the Virgo prefers a peaceful and disciplined way of life. When it comes to relationships, she always plays it safe and carefully investigates every word. Also, she is responsible and seeks psychological stability.

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Virgo (male) – Taurus (female) – Love Compatibility

A perspective liaison, in which the serious and the responsible attitude towards the home and finance will dominate. The female Taurus is stable and prefers to be with someone who is family oriented and shows his emotions and concerns. The Virgo is always attracted in women who are successful in their careers and show interest for other people’s problems. Even though the female Taurus is stubborn, her partner can completely rely on her.

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Virgo (male) – Gemini (female) – Love Compatibility

They’ll be in constant intellectual competition. The planet Mercury rules the Virgo and Gemini, and will help them find common interests in many life’s aspect. The mutual respect is mostly based on characteristics that they both share. Such as, creativity, quick way of thinking and eloquence. At the same time, the relationship will be tense. On one hand, Virgo seeks security and on the other, Gemini seeks diversity.

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Virgo (male) – Cancer (female) – Love Compatibility

The female Cancer is disciplined, sensitive and a promising partner for those who seek peace, loyalty and intimate satisfaction. The Virgo always respects her partner’s opinions, because he can see her helplessness and inner fear from the prospects in love. The stable account balance and also the orientation towards children will be the foundation for an emotional connection.

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Virgo (male) – Leo (female) – Love Compatibility

The Virgo has great potentials in seducing the Leo. Responsibility, submissiveness, neatness and loyalty are the qualities that sweep Leo off her feet. Because of this, the weak sexual potentials won’t matter as much, because the intellectual and moral values are more important to them. These two can be very happy together, because the Leo offers Virgo a sense of security and he will deeply appreciate this.

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Virgo (male) – Virgo (female) – Love Compatibility

When two Virgos are in love, they’ll be constantly obsessed with trivialities and be critical of one another. If they don’t share the same spiritual level, it will be hard to get through the psycho physical inhibitions. However, if they are more optimistic, and if they open up to the possibility of love, they’ll eliminate the melancholy and dissatisfaction in life. However, their liaison will lack passion, energy and initiative.

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Virgo (male) – Libra (female) – Love Compatibility

Because of Virgo’s intellectual nature and Libra’s high aesthetics criteria, these two zodiac signs are extremely attracted to each other. Beautiful things, neatness, the desire to visit different cultural manifestations and interest in peaceful and stable life brings them closer together. The female Libra isn’t decisive, feisty or brave in moments of crisis. Virgo is similar and always asks other people to solve his problems.

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Virgo (male) – Scorpio (female) – Love Compatibility

The female Scorpio is secretive, reserved and full of surprises. Virgo doesn’t want a partner who cannot show her emotions and intimate thoughts. As a result, they’ll face a lot of temptations and misunderstandings. Because of their possessive behavior and obsession to control their partner’s attitude, they’ll face constant psychological fights. However, if they overcome these misunderstandings and touch their partner’s heart, they’ll find a common ground.

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Virgo (male) – Sagittarius (female) – Love Compatibility

These two zodiac signs create a problematic emotional relationship. On one hand, the Virgo won’t approve of Sagittarius’s inconsistency and the desire to travel. He wants security and an organized and harmonious family atmosphere. On the other hand, Virgo’s pessimism and critical approach won’t correspond with Sagittarius’ optimism and liberal attitude. They’ll need a lot of wisdom to get a psychological balance and an emotional perspective.

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Virgo (male) – Capricorn (female) – Love Compatibility

The relationship between these two signs will be based on mutual understanding and respect. Because both of this signs are ambitious and practical, they’ll be unmatched in their careers. When they first get together, they probably won’t show passion and sexual attraction. As time passes by, they’ll see each other’s real values. This is a great sign in establishing a stable and satisfying love connection.

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Virgo (male) – Aquarius (female) – Love Compatibility

It will be a real miracle, if these different zodiacs establish an understanding and harmonious relationship. The great difference in the way they communicate and act will be an unbridgeable gap, which will gradually estrange them. The Aquarius is an idealist and prefers an independent and individual attitude. Reality and the desire for security are main preferences that lead the Virgo to show his emotions. That is way, it will be hard on them to fall in love and find common interests.

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Virgo (male) – Pisces (female) – Love Compatibility

The Virgo and Pisces have opposing personalities which overly attract them. They motivate each other, are highly passionate about one another and live in harmony. The female Pisces awakens Virgos emotions, fantasy and the need for inspiration. In return, he offers her security and makes her dreams a reality. The emotional psychological structure and the orientation towards romance will make her highly desirable and also an attractive partner. Virgo has a need for an unusual love. Also, he has to be sure that his loved one won’t cause a distress to his spiritual peace.

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