Virgo Love Horoscope


The Virgo love horoscope characterizes them as rational, peaceful, hard-working, precise, systematic and sharp minded. Also, they have a gift to logically observe things and people around them. Virgos are critical, they obsess over details and thrive for perfection.  Virgo’s cannot relax, because they are constantly afraid of the unknown, failing in their lives, or being defeated. Often, they isolate themselves and avoid contacts that can bring them risky situations.




Virgos are always suspicious and distrustful of other people. They hardly ever rely on other people for help, which can be a real problem and it will be harder on them to make their dreams come true. Virgo love astrology doesn’t bless them with honest friends or emotional relationships.

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Virgo in Love

Their intelligence and ability to assess the spiritual depth of those around them protects them. So, they’re able to walk away from unpromising friendships or unreturned love on time. Even though they are logical, Virgo in love can’t intuitively assess true feelings. Because of this they don’t know how to react and often end up disappointed. So, it’s recommendable that they don’t make rush conclusions. Also, they should be more flexible and prepared to learn from their mistakes and even from bad experiences.

Virgo love scope inclines them to be able to keep a cold head, when they fall head over heels for someone. They are practical and simple people and are dominated by the rational and logical approach. Virgo love astrology doesn’t incline them to have emotional relationships, if they think that it’s a waste of time. They don’t shower their partner with emotions, but with certain favors and small amounts of attention.

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In marriage, they are conventional and faithful, but sometimes even possessive and jealous. Few of the people that are born in the sign Virgo are obsessed with the desire to achieve great successes in their career. In order to thrive in their profession they are willing to sacrifice the love satisfactions and the harmony in their homes.

Their inborn fear of poverty constantly motivates them to upgrade their intelligence and to invest in their work engagements. Also they are prepared to subdue their creative energy for the sake of their career. After they achieve professional successes, they find out what Pyrrhic victory is. However, the possibilities of having a harmonious and fulfilling relationship will be long gone.




Male Virgo Love Astrology

The male Virgo doesn’t care much about his partner’s physical appearance, but he does care about her intelligence and moral values. He needs а refined, neat and humble partner and someone who can light up the fire inside him. Intelligence attracts him more than beauty. So, his partner should challenge him on an intellectual level.




However, he doesn’t have a great sexual passion and when it comes down to tying the knot he doesn’t want the sexual attraction to be his main motivation. What really matters to Virgo’s love life are the spiritual and moral values of the one he loves and her willingness to sacrifice her ambitions in building a career for the sake of the family.

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Female Virgo Fashion Astrology

The female Virgo seems like she is shy and quiet, but actually she is very critical and picky, when it comes to choosing a partner. She looks for a man who is calm, simple, patient and discreet. She cannot stand criticism, thoughtlessness, harsh words and aggression. Intelligence, being well read, the ability to provide material goods and successfully building a career is what she mostly values in her partner. Because of her conservative beliefs, sexuality isn’t her strong suit. She tries to control her passion and is lazy in bed. That is why a partner who is very passionate isn’t a suitable match for her.

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