Vitamin E Benefits for Stretch Marks and Scars


Read all about the Vitamin E benefits for stretch marks and scars and say welcome to your smooth and improved skin!


Vitamin E Benefits for Stretch Marks

The following properties of Vitamin E help in reducing stretch marks.

  • Vitamin E provides the necessary moisture to the skin. But, because the Vitamin E oil is thick, you can mix it with olive oil to smoothen it out. When the mixture is thin, apply it to the stretch marks areas.
  • Also, Vitamin E speeds up the process of cell regeneration and helps in cell growth. Apply Vitamin E oil on your skin and help the cells grow. Do this on a regular basis and the stretch marks will gradually begin to fade.
  • Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. By moisturizing the skin properly and on a daily basis with Vitamin E, the antioxidant property will help in healing the stretch marks by clearing away the free radicals. This also is extremely beneficial for scars, but we will leave that for later.
  • Hormonal changes and aging cause stretch marks on the skin. The fundamental reason for this is the damage caused by the free radicals. Lucky for all of us, the Vitamin E is able to prevent the free radical damage. Through its antioxidants powers, the Vitamin E neutralizes the free radicals. Also, it prevents future cell damage.
  • Vitamin E promotes healing of tissues as well. Stretch marks are a result of the unhealed tissues beneath the skin. Applying Vitamin E on the skin improves the blood circulation and nourishes the cells of the skin. It blocks the free radicals in the skin, which stop the healing process of the cells, and allow the tissues to heal.




Vitamin E Benefits for Hair

  • Constant blow-drying, curling and coloring cause many damages to the hair, including split ends. But, don’t worry, Vitamin E can help you repair the damaged hair. You’ll need 3 ounces of olive oil, 3 ounces of coconut oil, 3 ounces of hemp oil, 3 ounces of jojoba oil and 2 ounces of vitamin E oil. Mix the coconut, jojoba, olive and hemp oils. After you get a smooth mixture, add Vitamin E oil to it. Apply it on your split ends 2-3 times a week.
  • Vitamin E stimulates hair growth and repairs damaged hair follicles. Break the Vitamin E capsules and mix it with olive or coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp. Massage it for a while and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse it with warm water.
  • Vitamin E also prevents premature greying of the hair and slows down the aging process.
  • Applying Vitamin E on your hair regularly makes it shiner and healthier. Also it gives a lustrous hair.


Vitamin E Benefits for Scars

Even though, Vitamin E has beneficial properties in the fight against stretch marks, Vitamin E doesn’t have much beneficial effects on scars. Using Vitamin E in small doses can have great effects on the skin. But, using or consuming too much Vitamin E can cause inflammation or itching of the skin.




Vitamin E Benefit for Dry Skin

  • Vitamin E acts as a moisturizer. It rejuvenates and restores dry and dehydrated skin. Mix your night moisturizing lotion with a few drops of Vitamin E and apply it on your skin before going to sleep.
  • It reverses premature skin aging. This vitamin increases the production of collagen, which is responsible for maintaining an elastic skin. As a result, it reduces the chance of having saggy, wrinkled and dull skin.
  • Vitamin E also treats sunburns. Break a vitamin E capsule or apply a few drops of Vitamin E oil and rub it softly over the sunburn area. The antioxidants in Vitamin E neutralize the effects of free radicals, which are caused by ultraviolet radiation.
  • Also, Vitamin E can alleviate problems such as dark spots, aging and liver problems. Break the Vitamin E capsule and mix it with a body lotion or olive oil. Apply the mixture over the dark spots and keep doing it on a daily basis until the spots become lighter.
  • Vitamin E acts as a cleansing agent. It helps cleanse the grime, dirt and maintains the oil balance of the skin. Wipe your face twice a day with a few drops of Vitamin E oil on a cotton ball.
  • It treats other skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. For a quick recovery, apply Vitamin E oil twice a day on the affected area.
  • A study has shown that Vitamin E can prevent skin cancer. Add 4-5 Vitamin E oil drops to your sunscreen and apply it on your skin, before you head out.




Other Vitamin E Benefits

There are plenty more other Vitamin E benefits, beside the previously mentioned ones. Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin E will balance the cholesterol, improve the vision, balance the hormones and thicken the hair. Vitamin E prevents damage to specific fats, which are important for the overall health.


Foods Rich in Vitamin E

Here is our top 10 list of foods that are rich in Vitamin E.

  • Almonds, 1 oz.: 7.3 mg (27% DV)
  • Spinach, 1 bunch: 6.9 mg (26% DV)
  • Sweet Potato, 1 Tbsp.: 4.2 mg (15% DV)
  • Avocado, 1 whole: 2.7 mg (10% DV)
  • Wheat germ, 1 ounce: 4.5 mg (17% DV)
  • Sunflower seeds, 2 Tbsp.: 4.2 mg (15% DV)
  • Palm Oil, 1 Tbsp.: 2.2 mg (11% DV)
  • Butternut squash, 1 cup, cubed: 2 mg (7% DV)
  • Trout, 3 oz.: 2 mg (7% DV)
  • Olive oil, 1 Tbsp.: 2 mg (7% DV)




Risks of Overconsumption

If you consume more than 15 mg of Vitamin E a day, you might cause serious side effects on your health. People suffering from diabetes can increase the risks of heart failure. In case of Vitamin K deficiency, it can worsen the clotting problems. Also, over consumption of Vitamin E can increase the chances of heart and necks cancer.