Want An Effortless Spark To Your Hairstyle? – Get Ombre Hair


You can see  it everywhere – ombre is a super trend that is here to stay, not just because of the many alternatives, but also for the ridiculously low maintenance. There are millions of shades of ombre hair. To sum up, ombre hairstyle can be done in any color and on any type of hair!

The word ombre comes from the French word, that means shaded or shading. It refers to the mixture of  two different color hues. The color of the Ombre hair is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then it gets lighter at the end. It can be achieved by using a balayage technique.

Ombre describes the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually changing tints and shades from lighter to darker. The technique is commonly used as a surface treatment in fashion and art. We need to clear up the difference between ombre and balayage. Ombre is a STYLE and BALAYAGE is a technique. When applying the color for a balayage,  take the color through small triangle parts of the hair onto a board, you’ll make the transition into a lighter color more natural.


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Red Ombre Hair

Looks stylish, warm and impressive with a lot of color choices and schemes. When you blend red with other colors in the form of red ombre hairstyle a feeling of vitality and enthusiasm is achieved! Red ombre suits all types of hair and it is the true choice for summer fun.


Blonde Ombre Hair

By adding a soft teal and a silvery hue at the ends of your blonde hair you can get the ombre every girl wants, easy as pie! If you are a fan of the pink color, add bright vivid shades of light to dark pink and have a truly unique ombre.


Brown Ombre Hair

If you have a blond hair, it will be harder to achieve dark ombre, but if your hair is darker it should be a breeze. If you are going from blonde to dark, it may take more than one try to keep the brown from fading.




Black Ombre Hair

It may not be for everyone, but it is classy and striking! If you have a highly contrasting look and natural dark hair you can make the black locks fades into brown, red or even blonde locks. Black looks great with brown, gray and blonde, if you have a long hair. A dark ombre is great contrast to lighter skin tones.


The Reverse Ombre

It’s less popular than the regular, because it seems unnatural. The ombre will be more successful if you have longer hair.

There are many different ombre hairstyles, short, long, dark, light and even with quirky color combos like a rainbow ombre, a pink ombre, a green ombre and so on, the options are limitless.

Choosing the best ombre depends on  your skin and hair color. Lighter skin colors are better with lighter hair and darker skins go better with darker hair. The brown ombre hairstyle is best achieved with warmer hair colors. It goes perfectly with caramel and black hair, but can be added on blonde hair too. Ombre is  one of the hottest trends these years and there are many different options! It comes from France but you can see it all around the world!


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Here’s some guidance on how to make ombre hair at home:


Pick a Color

You should pick a color that fits your natural hair color. The best choices are  natural brown, blonde and red shades.

  • There is traditional and reverse ombre. A lighter color at the tips of your hair than at the roots is the traditional ombre and darker tips and lighter roots is a reverse ombre.
  • Select a shade that isn’t much brighter than your own hair.
  • If the change is subtle, your hair will look more natural.
  • Try to find more natural dyes that won’t damage your hair!


Decide where the Fade should Stop

It is important to choose where your natural color and dyed color will come in touch. The safest choice is if the two meet at the low part, rather than at the top part of your hair. A good place, where the two colors meet, is below the jawline.


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Brush your Hair

Remove all tangles. By doing this the bleach will be easily applied  and your hair will be evenly colored. You’ll  probably get bleach or dye on your clothes while doing it, so put a towel or wear old clothes.


Use Gloves

A box dye usually contains gloves and a dye kit, but if it doesn’t you can use normal rubber or latex gloves. Don’t forget that it is very important to wear them so you don’t dye your hands.


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