Wedding Reception Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Amazing


Ever since you were a little girl you’ve dreamt of the perfect wedding. You had it all planned, it was going to be the perfect princess pink wedding, one that can be found only in dreams. But, you’ve grown up and after all that time, princess pink wedding doesn’t seem that appealing. And you are left with a question: “What in the world will my wedding look like?!”.

No need for worries, we’ve gathered the best of the best when it comes to fun wedding reception ideas, ones that will make your friends envious when they see it. We have everything, from little touches to make your wedding reception even better and more creative, to entire wedding themes that have proven to be the most popular and loved by guests (and brides and grooms of course).




Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Have a photo booth section in your reception. Guests will easily get bored, if all they do is eat and dance, so there should be a third option to keep your guests entertained. A photo booth has proven to be a popular activity for weddings. For example you can have a top hat and a wedding veil as props, so that everyone can be a bride and groom for a moment. Or, just go for the simple moustache and sunglasses option, they are always a crowd favorite. If your  budget is limited and you don’t want to spend money on renting an entire photo booth, make a life size Polaroid frame that your guests can take pictures with. On the Polaroid frame you can put the initials of the bride and groom, to make it look more personalized.

When it comes to wedding reception food ideas we have two suggestions. We’ve all heard of the candy buffet that is basically on every wedding, but why not take it to another level? Make a whole dessert buffet, filled with every sweet you can imagine. Everybody loves sweets, and this buffet will definitely be a crowd favorite. Another food idea is renting a local food truck. Whether that food truck makes donuts, ice-cream, or even hot dogs, it’s a fun and quirky way to make the dining experience more interesting.

We all love cheap wedding reception ideas and one of the best cheap ideas for an amazing reception is having sparklers. Sparklers are really cheap, so why not use them as a fun wedding addition. The idea is this: have a sparkler station in your reception, and people can come up to it and take sparklers that will be used for your send off at the end of the evening. Or they can be used for when the bride and the groom cut the cake, or have their first dance. The possibilities are endless.

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Wedding Reception Themes

The most popular wedding theme is the vintage one. And for a theme like this it’s all about the décor. Some wedding reception décor ideas include vintage looking books on the tables, using crates as stations for a certain activity or a lot of mason jars and white flowers.

A fun wedding theme, and quite unusual as well, is the tropical theme. When we say tropical we mean the whole package: palm trees, pineapples, flamingos and vibrant colors. You can make this type of wedding so memorable. Have a cocktail bar with a bartender that will
make Mai Tai cocktails instead of champagne. Have fresh tropical fruit on the dessert menu opposed to a heavy chocolate cake. These kinds of wedding reception decorating ideas will make your guests feel like they are on a tropical island, and your wedding won’t be one out of the cookie cutter.

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Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Outdoor weddings are huge these past couple of years, and here are some outdoor wedding reception ideas. Take the simple approach. There’s no need for posh looking tables and a head scratching food menu. The outdoors remind us of that, so take advantage of the nature surrounding you. If you have trees in your location then you can use them to hang things like fairy lights or lanterns. Use lots of flower decorations for that pop of color.

When it comes to wedding reception table ideas why not take things the personalized way? Monogrammed napkins are a cute touch, that way each single guest can feel more special.

There are so many types of weddings out there, the possibilities are endless. Try to make things as personal as possible. Start with yourself and what you and the groom want, and continue from there. It’s your day, so make it amazing!