What To Wear To A Country Concert – Outfit Ideas

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If you don’t have any thoughts on what to wear to a country concert, we will gladly give you some ideas. It’s well known that cowboy hats and boots are an essential part of your outfit, when you go to a country club. They will improve your country look, they’re cute, and they go perfectly well with plaid shirts. Plaid shirts look tremendous, especially for this occasion. Also, you don’t have to worry about the weather. If it gets warmer, just roll up your sleeves, and at night, when it gets colder roll them down. You can, also, wear it unbuttoned with a tank top.

If you’re going for a more relaxed look,  wear your hair down, straight or wavy. Carrying a big bag to a country concert isn’t a good idea. A simple one, which will fit your things, is enough. If you don’t like to wear a cowboy hat, you can always replace it with a simple baseball hat. Plaid shirts also look good with denim. You can wear almost anything with denim. Shorts and jeans are the most obvious choice for a concert. Obviously, shorts are worn in the summer and sometimes during autumn, while jeans are worn in cold weather.


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Wearing a Dress is Always a Good Idea

Most people wonder what kind of outfit to wear to a country concert without looking silly. Don’t worry. You won’t look silly if you just relax. It’s a country concert, not an alien party. Few details will do the job. Let your experience guide you. If you don’t like wearing shorts or plaid shirts, there’s always a second or a third option that you can use as your country concert attire. A cute little sundress will also do the trick. Dresses are comfortable and simple, and exactly what you need. Plain or floral dresses and cowboy boots are a good combination to wear to a country concert.

Cowboy boots are a classic, just like cowboy hats. If you don’t like them, it’s okay to wear sandals. But, if you decide to go with the boots, you should know that they can be pretty expensive. If you can’t afford them, leather boots or riding boots will work just fine. Converse sneakers can be an alternative for boots. They go well with denim, shorts, and even with a dress.


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A Story About a Country Concert Experience

“My cousins took me to a country concert in their town. I was visiting them in the late summer before the school started. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t so hot, during the day and it wasn’t so cold in the night. When I arrived, my aunt told me that I should get ready for a party. I didn’t know that we were going to a party until then. They explained, that my cousins and I were going to a country concert that night. I didn’t know what to wear to a country concert. Actually, I haven’t even heard any country songs before. When I asked my cousin what is country music, she laughed out loud and I felt ashamed, right away.”


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“My aunt gave me this floral dress she used to wear, when she was younger, and told me to put it on. She also gave me her hat and boots. I felt kind of funny, but I liked my new look. At the concert, people were dancing and singing, and it wasn’t like any other concert I’ve been. It felt a bit warmer and closer, like I knew everyone in the room. They actually did know each other. People from small towns are more intimate than people from big cities. The air was a lot easier to breathe. I haven’t thought about it, like this, until now. People here are actually breathing air, while we’re breathing a mess. I wish I could move here. Now, I have my own country concert attire. Also, I bought nice plaid shirts, sneakers and dresses.”

“I fell in love with the country style. My aunt  gave me her cowboy boots, and I took them home. I still dress as a cowboy girl at school. My friends find it interesting, so they started copying my style. I promised them I’ll take them to a country concert next summer. This time I won’t be wondering what to wear to a country concert. I’m a cowboy girl now. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you. There’s this boy I saw at the concert and I really hope I will see him again.”


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