What To Wear To A Rave Party – Tips And Tricks

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If you’ve been wondering what to wear to a rave party, you probably haven’t been to one before. Once you feel the atmosphere, you’ll forget about any special dress codes or rules. Rave parties are organized so that people will have fun. Unlike in some fancy cubs, where people are uptight, they stare each other and most of the time, they are bored. Just relax and don’t care about what looks appropriate, or what doesn’t. The only thing you need to worry about is the weather. Check out the place where the party will take place and that’s it. For example, if it’s a beach party, or a desert, it means that it will be super hot through the day and cold during the night. Wear comfortable clothes, everything that you find interesting, clothes that you can dance in for hours and follow the P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) code.


Do your Homework

When you go to a rave you’ll encounter different types of music, or to be specific, a variety of electronic dance music styles. We recommend that you do your homework first and prepare well before going to a rave. Search some worldwide electronic music and artists online. If you hate the music, don’t force yourself into it. There are many other parties that you can go to.


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Be Creative

If you still wonder what to wear to a rave and you haven’t found a comfortable style, we have interesting suggestions for you. There are many different rave styles that people endorse, depending on their individual tastes in music and fashion. Usually, girls wear casual, street clothing, such as shorts or jeans, phat pants or kikwears with some cute tees and comfortable sneakers. Brave girls go wild with furry costumes and wings, or bikini tops with led tutus, fluffies and anything that comes to their mind. Creativeness is what girls wear to raves.

How about guys? Don’t worry we didn’t forget you. Guys know how to dress up too, without any trouble. A cool shirt can be a win-win situation for guys and can get all of the attention, especially if it’s a LED shirt. They also like kikwear, phat pants, ufo pants and jeans, custom made outfits, and so on. Our suggestion for the guys is to choose light pants, they’re easy to dance in, and of course, wear comfortable shoes. You can also try kandi rave style. They are easily recognizable by their hand crafted and decorated bracelets.


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Have Fun

As you can tell by now, when it comes to ‘what to wear to a rave’ there’s no judgment involved. As soon as you find a style you’re comfortable with, you’re good. You can always experiment, if you feel like doing something different. Remember, you’re at a rave party not to show off your body, flirt, get someone’s attention (although it won’t be bad if something spontaneous like that happens), you’re there to have fun and communicate with people.

Don’t be afraid to communicate. Besides partying, ravers love making new friends. Be party buddies and who knows, maybe that will grow into a permanent friendship. People that go to parties usually share common interests in different things and parties are a great opportunity to spread your circle of friendship. When we discussed what to wear to a rave, we said comfortable clothes and shoes, right?

You, also, need to be comfortable with yourself, lose yourself in the music, look those around you, accept their dance moves and develop some of your own. That’s how you’ll get accustomed to the space and people and feel your true self. It may sound silly, but it’s true. People spend most of their time working or worrying about life and forget how to have fun. Don’t let that happen to you. Many people who haven’t been to rave parties want to judge, because the first thing that comes to their mind is taking drugs. That’s a big lie. People who love to party and don’t take drugs find that offensive. As we said before, don’t judge and you won’t be judged. Do whatever you feel like doing, don’t make any trouble and we guarantee you’ll have a blast. Have a great time!


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