Will We Ever See An iPhone Mini From Apple In The Future?

iPhone Mini

We can say that iPhone is the most popular phone in the world. And, as screens get larger, people want a smaller iPhone Mini, but with powerful specs. The question is, whether iPhone SE was successful enough to have a successor?

Some speculate that Apple will release a smaller iPhone 8, possibly with a 4.0 inch or 4.3 inch screen. Others swear that we will get an entirely new model, with a new name and different specs. For now, we don’t know who to trust.

So, we decided to engage our insiders in Apple, to see what the american giant is holding up its sleeve. If they are right, we are in for quite a treat! Let’s get started!


iPhone Mini Design

Of course, the biggest thing about the iPhone Mini would be the size and design. The iPhone Mini size would not be lower that a 4 inch screen, so you can forget about a 3,5 inch screen – it is a thing of the past. However, some people speculate that the phone could have a 4.3 inch screen, just because it is better to hold and work on.

The design is also uncertain for now. There is a growing speculation that it might be identical to iPhone SE, although we do not believe this. The iPhone SE design is now 4 years old, so to continue with it just doesn’t make sense. And it does not sound like Apple.




And now, for the wildest speculation of them all – a smartphone with a 2.0 inch screen, as seen above. We are 99% certain that this will not happen, as it doesn’t make any sense. It is not usable, and the size does not have to be THAT small. Although, we always leave 1%, because who knows what might happen.


iPhone Mini Specifications

Sony was on point with the Compact series of smartphones, which were small, but offered killer specs. We imagine that if Apple does something with iPhone Mini, it will be quite similar. So, we can expect a smaller phone, but with the same processor as iPhone 7. Which would be the new Apple A10, with dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics. Or, we could see the emergence of iPhone 8, so maybe the iPhone Mini would steal its processor. That would be Apple AX1 (or just Apple A11), which will be the most powerful one in 2017.

Combine this with 2GB or 3GB of RAM, as well as base storage of 32 gigabytes, and you have your killer specs. We are almost certain that Apple will include the most powerful hardware available, as they want the phone to be premium. This means that the phone will not be cheap, but more on that later.


iPhone Mini Camera

Now, this is something very interesting. Imagine a small device, but with one of the most powerful cameras in the world! It is the perfect combination. Insiders in the company speculate that the camera might be in the style of GoPro, meaning we can expect a wide-angle lens. This will enable you to record all of your adventures. In style, and in 4K resolution.




The camera, of course, would have OIS, meaning optical image stabilization. This helps stabilize your videos and make them smooth, even if you ride a bike or move around. The resolution will probably be around 12 megapixels, although we could also see a 16 megapixel sensor.

And finally, we can expect the new four-tone flash, which would make taking pictures in dark look more natural.


iPhone Mini Price

This is, by far, the biggest uncertainty. The phone will be smaller, so it means that it should have a lower price, right? Well, if our inside informations are true and Apple really goes all out on the model, than it means that the price will inadvertently also go up. In the end, it all depends on the specifications. If we have just a smaller version of iPhone 7, we can expect a lower price. A price that would be somewhere around 450 dollars or 500 dollars for the base version. The version with 128 gigabytes would be around 600 dollars, while the 256 gigabytes version will be 700 dollars.

If Apple decides to make the phone a petite powerhouse, with a GoPro style camera, than you can expect the same price as the regular iPhone 7. This means 649 dollars for the version with 32GB, and 100 dollars more for each version with more memory. Whether consumers would pay such a high price, it remains to be seen.


iPhone Mini Release Date

Apple is expected to present the phone this year. The iPhone Mini launch date would be a few weeks after the presentation. This means that you can buy the phone this summer.

However, Apple could throw a curveball and present the new phone much earlier.