Wine Cork Art – From Popping A Bottle Of Wine To A Long-Lasting Memory


Popping a bottle of wine is an enduring tradition when we have a reason to celebrate. These celebrations create long lasting memories which we usually preserve through pictures. However, if you are in the search of a more creative approach to memorize your special moments, try using the different cork art ideas. Wine cork art is one of the easiest DIY techniques which allows the crafter to unleash his/hers inner artist in various ways. Check out these awesome DIY wine cork art and cork craft ideas and start your creative journey!


Wine Corks as Space Fillers

Vases, candles and glasses are a must have in any home’s decoration. An easy way to make these decorations even more efficient is to use wine corks as a way to fill in the blank spaces. Wine corks give a warmer and more natural atmosphere to any eco – friendly home. This warm effect that the wine cork crafts create can really come in handy when creating Christmas decorations or even when having a romantic night with your significant other.


Wreath with Wine Corks

Bring a subtle touch of France in any kitchen with this wreath with wine corks. Use some artificial grape and add decorations such as cheese, nuts and old wine corks and hang it on a wooden board to create a vintage effect. Another way to use wine corks is to freshen up your old Christmas Wreaths.


wine cork wall art


Wine Cork Wall Art

A very innovative way to use your wine corks is assembling them into a wall art. The options are endless and the result is a jaw-dropping wall decoration. You may choose a more strict approach and create a cork wall art with a text design or just be creative and do a free form masterpiece. Another fun way to use wine corks is to create a monogram letter. The monogram letter can also be created by gluing together the corks into the desirable shape.


Wine Corks as Plant Labels

Use wine corks to organize and decorate your garden or flowerpots. As they are natural, they are much more attractive than the plastic tabs and they are really easy to make: you only need a colorful marker and a wire.


diy wine cork art


Wine Cork DIY Creatures

Another way to use wine corks is to create different creatures out of the corks’ shape. Whether you choose a theme like Christmas oriented decorations or just a random DIY toy the possibilities are never-ending. Materials that can be used in the process of decorating are crayons, balloons and markers in different colors, marbles, small pieces of textile linen and similar.


DIY Keychain Cork

A very easy way to have a unique keychain is to make it yourself by using a wine cork. You can use the full wine cork or cut it on smaller pieces and make charms out of it. Use acrylic colors, markers or fabrics to add your personal touch to your unique keychain!


wine cork art diy


DIY Wine Cork Protector

An eco-friendly way to recycle your wine corks is to create a protector from hot pots and pans. Apart from being eco-friendly, this beautiful protector is really easy to make and useful. The same method of creating the heat protector can be applied in creating other wine cork crafts such as mad mats, serving trays or even a bath math!


cork board art


Cork Board Art

We are all familiar with the cork notice board. Turn this idea around and create a DIY cork art by assembling and gluing wine corks together. After gluing them together into the wanted notice board shape and size, stick them on a wooden board and create your very own and unique cork board art. It is probably the easiest and the best looking DIY wine cork art project.